Close Up and Through My Eyes

How would you like to participate in a small online group where you send me your Back Cover BEGINNING copy and watch, hear, see, experience how I will evolve yours into “grab and hook” the buyer?

Your back cover should close the sale … most don’t.

Or, how would you like to watch a chapter –yours– morph in front of your eyes and ears as I work with it?

You can, by participating in my exclusive and inclusive Close Up and Through My Eyes and Fingers.

This will be highly interactive. Think sizzling hot seat time that will create customized copy that will make a difference for you and your book. You will get my marketing mind working on your book. You will be able to ask questions as I work.

Only 5 can participate in any one group at a time.

Your cost is only $497. There will be 5 sessions so all Participants get dedicated time. You want to attend all and watch how each “work” unfolds.

Count me in!