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                                                                                Who’s Your WHO?

Readers can be frustrating.
Most haven’t found you … yet.
Seek them.
Know them.
Go where they are.
Nurture them with your words.
They are your WHO.
You will become found.

Who is your reader? If you think the world … everybody … do you feel a virtual slap headed your way? That’s me. Only a fool would think their book is for everyone … a … fool.

That won’t be you.

For years, my clients and audiences have heard me say,

It’s better to be the whale in the pond then the sardine in sea.

Another author and writer truthiness. It means to know what your niche in writing is. The WHO, who devours the genre you are writing in and for. Where do they hang out? What are their fears? What brings them joy? What gets their attention?

This is where your marketing efforts should be directed. Not everyone … just to your WHO.


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