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                                                             The Power of Getting It Wrong


Think of the author who creates her novel done within a week with no rewrites.

Think of the author who has completed his memoir with no editing needed.

Think of the author who sells movie rights before her book is published.

Think of the author who sells thousands of copies within week one of publishing.

Think of the author who gets everything right the first time out.

Simply unlikely.

Author Success is an evolution. It gives you the window to revise and edit. To delete passages that are the wrong fit. It is a powerful place to work through.   

Go ahead. Stick your neck out. Let fingers click away. Get your words flow. Several times. Understand that you will get your words and writing wrong. Getting it right will come when it’s the right time.

Once you move beyond your ego and drive to write it perfectly with the first line, paragraph, chapter, and book, you will realize that there is minuscule chance you’ll get it right the first time. When that happens, you can embrace the opportunity to sign up for better instead of perfect.


Dr. Judith Briles started writing notes to her classmates in first grade … and got into “disruptive trouble” from her teachers. She’s now the author of 45 books and counting, still being a disrupter. Her books have won over 55 book awards and been Amazon bestsellers. You can follow her professional side at www.TheBookShepherd.com where she works with writers to become published authors. Listen in to her weekly podcast: AuthorU: Your Guide to Book Publishing at https://bit.ly/AuthorUPodcast

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