From my heart and soul to yours.

This is for my friends and followers who seek authoring, book marketing, and publishing advice and tips from me. You wouldn’t be getting this email if you weren’t.

Yesterday, my day came to a wrenching standstill when I got a text—Turn on your TV NOW. I did. I was in shellshock as millions of others were as the day and evening unfolded.

Nothing I saw surprised me—it’s been coming via actions, words, and the rationalization, acceptance, and then ignoring of blatant lies that have been continually refueled these past four years. Shameful. Disgraceful. Hateful.

My thoughts . . .

Start with: Remember who you are. What you model to your readers and followers every time you publish and post on social media. Your words and actions matter.

I embrace freedom and the ability I have to say and write what I think without fear. And I embrace the ability others have to do as well. My words and actions matter.

As authors, you and I share our words with others. Our experiences. Our insights. Our ahas. Our solutions. Our stories. And we do it without fear. And we do it without shame or bringing disgrace to ourselves … to others. Our words and actions matter.

As authors, you have the ability and the power to make a difference to and for others. Your words and actions matter.

As authors, you have the skills to influence others’ thoughts and actions. Your words and actions matter.

As authors, you have the vision to model what you believe and practice, even when there is chaos. Your words and actions matter.

January 6 was a horrible day. A close friend and high player in his position with the NSA texted me, “This is more frightening than 9/11.” OMG. I wove between heartbroken and anger. Frozen from working and eventually pulling my energy and head together to work with seven awesome authors from three countries in the late afternoon. I knew that their words and actions matter.

Today, I’m still stunned at what I saw unfold yesterday. My heart tells me that we in America will be okay. And I am reminded:

YOU and YOUR WORDS are needed more than ever.

Promise me that you won’t let them be buried.

Our world needs YOU. And It Needs. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Together.