It’s that Time for Gratefulness, Giving, Caring, Thanksgiving

Caring …  Giving … Gratefulness …Thanksgiving

The Holiday lights are up and dancing in the evening hours. The kitchen creates wonderful aromas that waffle through the house, enticing anyone who enters … or lives here. And this week is a personal favorite of mine, as it is for many. My yard joins the well-lit neighborhood along with decorations galore. It’s a time for reflection and a time for thinking forward. And a time for family—whether it’s in the heartline or bloodline.

My truthiness: my “heart sisters” are my lifeline in so many ways. Every Monday afternoon, we set time aside to be with just each other for a solid hour. It’s our time to support, to ponder what’s happening in each of our worlds and the worlds around us, and to always laugh with glee. And this year, I’ll be heading to Arizona for my heart sisters, cooking together, pool time, and of course, LOTS of cards for a long weekend, delightful weekend.

This year, it’s an acknowledgment and awareness of my storytelling skills with the publication of my second historical novel that I co-authored with Brian Barnes—The Secret Hamlet Book 2 moves to final layout this week and most likely, and be available before year-end. I’ve already got the bookmark created that features The Secret Journey Book 1 on one side and The Secret Hamlet Book 2 on the other.







It’s a time for “downtime.” And a time for acknowledging to myself, and sometimes aloud, some of the awesomeness that I’ve experienced during the year. Delighting in an outrageous laugh-out-loud happening; an amazing author insight that one of my clients has encountered; savoring an event that was wonderful that I attended; a new movie or TV show that I enjoyed and streamed through, or a wonderful book surprise that I opened and fell into until the last page was turned.

And of course, a reflection of all the author gatherings I’ve hosted throughout the year including potluck gatherings with my entire street one Friday each month. Who can beat that?

One of my downtimes every Thanksgiving AM, as I’m in the kitchen doing my part of the foodie Friendsgiving spread as it will be this week, is the National Dog Show that follows the Macy’s Parade. And when it’s time for Santa to finally debut at the end, I just sit down with a hot mug of tea and take it all in. And then there’s the dog show … I don’t own a dog now … but there is something about prancing pooches that amuses me that I love and makes me stop for an hour and just watch and enjoy.

For me … I’m grateful. So grateful. I’ve had no personal health crises. John had successful eye surgeries—at least successful for a 92-year-old and I sense that his time here is now short. I have a wonderful Heart family that is always there for me. I have a support staff of Leah, Bobby, Steven, Meg, and Leslie who keep me going … sometimes picking me up when I slow down to goose me forward once again. And a fantastic group of publishing professionals who with their vision, deliver award-winning and bestselling books—what would I … and my author clients … do without Rebecca, Nick, Barb, Peggie, and Don if they didn’t roll up their creative sleeves and do their magic?

And I’m incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love—working with and helping authors.

Yup, I’m grateful indeed. How about you?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

P.S. Did you notice … I didn’t mention shopping, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday!

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