Hey Authors … Is Your Website Contact Page a Loser?

It’s my pet peeve time of the month … In early November, I had great fun at my Speaking Unplugged event held in Denver. Sold Out, it was a two-day intensive with 20 plus authors deep-diving into the speaking world. Throughout, hot seats were created for each where I did “up front and in person” laser coaching on their talks—openings, closings and just structure.

Included was a section on websites and the essentials that anyone who is speaking must have and include. Not only a SPEAKING tab that includes a One-Sheet, Introductions, Press Releases, Photos, FAQ, Questions for Interviews, a sub-section for Meeting Planners only … BUT how to CONTACT you.

And this is my pet peeve: too many authors go invisible. Or, they insist that you fill out a blank message unit via the website … and they will get back to you. Stop it. Websites have snafus. I have had many tell me that they fill out the message side—submit and never hear from me. I have no idea where the cyber gods sometimes send things but don’t include this as the only option.

If someone wants to connect with you—let them know how to do it. Is it via phone? eMail? Skype? Text? Snail mail? How? Your business card should include the minimum: phone number, email, website, and address along with your name and logo. Why shouldn’t your Contact Page include the same? Why do you want people to give up in frustration if they want to call you … or email you … or send you a note/card/letter. Yet, that’s what too many do.

Here’s what my Contact Page on TheBookShepherd.com looks like (it also includes a video):

If a potential client wants to contact you, make it easy … and make it “their way” … not yours. Too many times, I have tossed a business card because all it had was a website. When I went to it, nothing was there for me to find either an eMail, a phone number or an address. What I did was delete. My two bits. What say you? 



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