10 Fun facts about Judith


 (and there’s a story behind every one of them …) 


1.  I won the “Big Deal” on Let’s Make a Deal hosted by Monty Hall dressed as Raggedy Ann. My ex got it when I divorced him, claiming it was all his. Jeeze.

2.  Not paying attention one afternoon in a Las Vegas hotel, I ran into the butt of an elephant … not once, but twice. After all, it had to be an illusion, right? Nope, the Elephant was real.

3.  I was the mother of 3 kids under the age of four before I could legally vote. No regrets.

4.  I was so broke, that I was a proficient poacher when I lived in Montana. My family ate.

5.  Over dinner one night, Gloria Steinem tried to talk me out of publishing one of my best-selling books, Woman to Woman: From Sabotage to Support,  that landed me on every major daytime TV talk show, a cover story on People magazine, features in the Wall Street Journal, Time, News and the National Enquirer. In excess of 1,000 combined TV, radio and print positions. Obviously, I didn’t take her advice.

6.  I wrote to Merv Griffin and asked him to give me permission to use his TV show Jeopardy’s music for my presentation, Creating the Confidence Factor. Got it.

7. I was pulled out of a conference audience by Johnny Carson’s favorite animal handler, Jim Fowler to be his assistant. He pulled out a 12-foot boa constrictor and handed it to me. Gulp

8.  I have made a living with my mouth and words for over 35 years. During that time, I’ve had to re-invent myself when my sons died; I died; a partner embezzled $1,000,000 and we lost everything including home, cars, health; survived cancer; recovered from a brain injury via a speaking gig fall that took away my ability to read for 18 months.  Yet, I have a good life.

9.  When I was 30, I clinically died. When I was brought back, I was paralyzed for three months below my waist.My second reinvention was to follow.

10.  My favorite foreign rights sale was to Saudi Arabia for The Confidence Factor … a book was written by yours truly, a woman; and a book is written for women. Not only was it sold once … the publishing company came back and paid to republish after the contract was over. Love it!

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