October Snow … Trick or Treat?

Twelve years ago August, hubby John and I moved into the home that we had built in the Metro-Denver area of Colorado. That October, I had a speaking gig in Salt Lake City and another one a few days later in New Orleans. We were schedule to pass through Denver with a one day stay over before heading back to the airport and New Orleans.

That didn’t happen. Mother Nature delivered a wallop of a pre-winter storm. Our home that didn’t have any houses (yet) across the street or next door. The snow buried it–we couldn’t come home! A not so nice Trick!

United Airlines decided to sent us to Chicago to eventually connect with our flight to New Orleans with a layover of a day before heading down to New Orleans. And it was a great “day off.” Walked a bit of the Chicago strip along the lake; had a fabulous meal and slept in. A terrific Treat!

This October, it was deja vu. John and I had just returned from 2 1/2 weeks in AK–my speaking took us to Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks and Nome. All terrific groups. We saw so much, learned a lot and meant some incredible people … not to mention one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten at Simmons & Seafort in Anchorage. And, we were glad to be home.

Mother Nature did her thing and two feet of snow dumped in our neck of the woods–almost as if saying, you need a day off. And I did. Nothing like the house being buried 12 years ago, but enough to say–stay put, have a pot of tea, read a book … and you can go to the office in a day or two. Halloween Eve Day, shovels were out to get the walkway ready for our neighborhook Trick or Treaters.

Sometimes things come your way that seem like a pain in the tush and burden; and they turn out to be a reprieve from the very routine you need a timeout from.

And sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses; in our case, the snow.

Happy Fall.