Online Book Publishing Unplugged on July (date-Tbd)

Are you ready to take your writing, your manuscript, your book to Publishing Success?

Would you be willing to invest two afternoons over a Friday and Saturday to get all the publishing and strategy information you need … information and strategies that will create the Game Plan to be an awesome and seriously successful author?  

Get ready for 2 Author changing days …
it’s Book or Bust time on July (date Tbd)

Location: In person

Time: Noon – 4:30pm MST Each Day

Awesome authors came from everywhere …

where will you come from?

July (date Tbd) will change your authoring life …

Experience two days of Judith … no pitches, just Judith Briles Book Publishing Unplugged delivering an amazing depth of publishing, authoring, and marketing information that she has derived from her 30 + years in the publishing field and as The Book Shepherd. 

Create the bestseller you dream of … turn into the award-winning and sought-after author you aspire to … brainstorm the crowdfunding program to fund your project … get the answers to the questions you have … all of them. Judith is the master book publishing coach and guide.

Reserve Your Spot NOW
for 2 Colorful Brain-Jammed Afternoons
July (date Tbd)

  • Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Publishing … and save buckets of time and money.
  • Blunders, Bloopers, and Boo-Boos  that even seasoned authors make.
  • Create your Unique Selling Pitch … what will make you shine and rise above the author crowd that is expanding hourly?
  • Create an Author SWOT Analysis just for you and your book … it develops YOUR unique positioning.

  • If you are just starting down the authoring and publishing path, you will come away with a personalized strategy to create and develop your book.
  • If your book is ready to birth, you will come away with amazing steps and ahas on how to soar its official launch and develop your next steps.
  • If your book has birthed, you will come away with how-tos, re-directs, and the latest and greatest in strategies to goose it about the masses who are shouting for buyer attention.
  • Strategies to create a PRE book launch that sells books and gets you noticed, you will learn how.
  • How to make serious money as an author, you will come away with strategies that are doable and how to do them.
  • Why book marketing starts TODAY … steps on where to start and what to do.

  • Identify and Grow SuperFans that will devour everything you write and publish.
  • Become Pitch Perfect … it’s the way to sell your book, and few authors succeed. You will now.
  • Need money? Look at crowdfunding … you will learn the ins and outs of a campaign and create a dummy one just for you.
  • If you want to make serious money as an author … you will come away with the “how-to strategies” that are doable—not make-believe.
  • Besides writing your book; getting it published … starting doing the #1 thing to fuel book sales, starting two days after the workshop.

If you want to master social media tricks that will allow you to breathe … you will learn and see exactly how to create a life beyond your computer. Judith selects several books of attendees and will demonstrate and position them for a marketing blitz you won’t believe in front of your eyes!

  • If want to know tricks of the social media marketing whirlwind … you will learn which platforms work best for which books and how to drill down into them.
  • If you are still noodling on what a Platform is, you will not only get it, but you will drill down into yours and embrace it.
  • If you haven’t done a Game Plan for your book, no matter what stage it’s at, you will (or will revisit what you thought your Game Plan was) … and discover amazing “ahas” along the way about both You and Your Book.
  • If you want to make serious money as an author, you will come away with the how-to strategies that are doable.
  • If you want to know how to deal with and avoid, the publishing predators, you will come away with knowing who they are and how to disconnect from them.
  • If you want to come away with position ideas and how-tos to create a bestseller on Amazon, you will get a how-to plan.
  • If you stumble along on how to pitch yourself, you won’t any longer–tips and techniques plus create the ideal script to roll out who and what you and your book are about in less than 30 seconds.
  • If you want “e” shortcuts to use for your book marketing, you will get plenty of fast-track tips to use.
  • If you want to really learn the latest in gizmos and gadgets, tools that will soar your social media positioning and marketing, you will learn and use them onsite in the BONUS add-on session on the 27th–you must register for this.
  • If … you already have a book in hand, repurposing will become your new best friend … tips, and tricks galore on creating new books and products without starting from scratch.
  • If … what are your “IFs” … there will be hot seats throughout. Those who are registered by May 21st not only get a discount, but they will also be “entered” into a drawing that will allow three attendees to take the hot seat and get immediate laser coaching. How cool is that?
  •  Get Ready for the Goal Setting and Steppingstone Game Plan that will be the game-changer for your success.
  • Creating Timelines for your publishing success.
  • Creating a Publishing Budget that works with your money resources.

The Book Shepherd’s Publishing Unplugged is not just another publishing conference where you sit in your seat and take notes—expect extraordinarily high interaction, plenty of “to-do” Activities—you will not only listen and hear The Book Shepherd, but you will also immediately implement what she says.

It is your next, next step to authoring and book success. Be there. You and Your Book can’t afford not to be.

Call Judith, determine if this is the “right fit” for you and your book now. Call 303-885-2207 or email Don’t delay.

In other words, your life as an author will be morphed.

JOIN ME and lots of awesome authors at this year’s Judith Briles’ Book Publishing Unplugged. It will deliver extraordinarily high interaction, plenty of “to-do” Activities, and Hot Seats—you will not only listen and hear The Book Shepherd, but you will also immediately implement what Judith says and demonstrates. As the author of 37 books, winner of 45 book awards, and The Book Shepherd to over 500 books plus guiding 1000’s authors in their quest to publish and market their books, Judith is the guide you’ve been waiting for. She knows publishing.

It is your next, next step to authoring and book success. If that’s your goal, be there. You and Your Book can’t afford not to.

April 23-24, 2021 two afternoons that will change your author life. Who better to captain your journey than Book Publishing and Marketing Expert, Dr. Judith Briles?

Book Marketing Online Unplugged  February 26-27 – early bird rates end February 12th

Social Media Online Unplugged   March 26-27 – early bird rates end March 1st

Book Publishing Online Unplugged  July (date Tbd)


1 Unplugged event – $297
2 Unpluggeds – $447
all 3 Unpluggeds – $597

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1 Alumni Unplugged event – $227
2 Unpluggeds for $417
all 3 Unpluggeds $527

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There are no refunds 30 days before the event. There will be a $100 cancellation fee.

The detailed workbook will be mailed to you two weeks in advance of the first session.

Attention ALUMNI: You can attend both days for only $227, increases to full price on April 12th.

Registration: $297 through April 12th; additional registrations $247 each.   

Venue: YOUR computer …. this is not for a tablet or mobile phone. YOU need access to your files and pictures.

Register now by calling 303-885-2207 or 303-585-1969 —get the EARLY Bird pricing of $297 ends April 12th, … not far off, but why not commit now and pay a little each quarter? Rates will increase $100 on April 13, 2021—sign up NOW!

WOOT … Judith has a payment plan if desired, just call the office at 303-885-2207

People are talking about past Unpluggeds!

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful training and opportunity of being there. I’ve come away with direction and full intent to succeed using as much of the valuable information you shared last week as possible.
                                                          – Ronald Beach, Colorado

This was so worthwhile and helpful–I came away with so much on my “to do” list. Thank You!
                                                          – Joyce Sawyer, Ohio

Intense … Inspiration … Useful… big takeaway was book launches and how to think about them as well as focusing on social media.
                                                          – Chuck Fischer, Alabama

I loved the creative energy and the high use of visuals. I learned so much in the past two days that my head is swimming. Very dynamic—I loved it! This is the best publishing conference I’ve attended.
                                                          – Pat Morgan, Tennessee

I came back for the second year and came away with more information and more content than I could imagine. Two days of Judith’s vast knowledge is an awesome experience! It was over my expectations where were already high.
                                                          – Rhondda Hartman, Colorado

Insightful, thorough, humorous, touching, fascinating, educating, loving, caring, EXPERTISE! I truly, truly enjoyed it—thank you!
                                                          –Heather Elliott, Canada

WOW … information overload!
                                                          –Courtney Miller, Colorado

I don’t believe that one or two sentences would do this conference justice … it was way off the charts!
                                                          –Greg Hickman, Texas

Zippy, Zappy, Zeowy! Fun energy! I got sucked into her vortex and I didn’t want to leave! This surpassed my expectations.
                                                          – Claryss Nan Jamieson, Hong Kong