Eye Friendly URLs and eMails

Do your readers a HUGE favor and make getting to your website easier. A few of Judith’s book titles include The Confidence Factor, Stop Stabbing Yourself in the Back and Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace. The usual way authors (as well as other individuals) print their website and email info is like this:

  • www.theconfidencefactor.com
  • www.stopstabbingyourselfintheback.com
  • www.zappingconflictinthehealthcareworkplace.com
  • www.thebookshepherd.com
  • www.judithbriles.com
  • www.tangoresults.com
  • www.milehighpress.com
  • judith@thebookshepherd.com

Jeeze, stress your eyes. Instead, let’s make it eye/reader friendly. Try this:

  • www.TheConfidenceFactor.com
  • www.StopStabbingYourselfInTheBack.com
  • www.ZappingConflictInTheHealthCareWorkplace.com
  • www.TheBookShepherd.com
  • www.JudithBriles.com
  • www.TangoResults.com
  • www.MileHighPress.com
  • Judith@TheBookShepherd.com

We know, we know … you don’t cap a word like “in” and “the” in the middle of a title … but in this case, the reader begins to anticipate what you are spelling out. The recall of your name, or title, will increase significantly.

So, as you go to print, use this tip—on your business cards, websites, letterhead, backs of your books, flaps, email address … everywhere.

You can do it …. You should do it!