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Editing by John

johnmaling4John Maling works closely with The Book Shepherd as INDEXER and Editor-in-Chief. Judith has a team of editors she works with, depending upon the needs of the book and genre of book.

John is a multi-award winning book author of Have You Ever Held a Mountain?, and The Alphabet Menagerie: It’s Cool to be a Critter several of the most recent books have garnered multiple book awards in, including:


Every Book Needs An Editor

The difference between an awful book and a so-so book is an editor; the difference between a so-so book and a good book is an editor; and the difference between a good book and a great book is an editor. Every author needs an editor. Period.

An editor should be able to assess your book quickly, identify areas that need addressing and supply suggestions to polish and panache to your work. It is critical that an editor maintains the author’s “voice.”

“Thanks! ~ Wow! ~ Incredibly complete. ~ You rock.”
Greg Godek, author of
Simple Simpon – Mildly Brilliant,
1001 Ways to Be Romantic


johnmaling1John Maling is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Mile High Press, Ltd. He’s the author of- Have You Ever Held a Mountain? Under the umbrella of Editing by John, he handles a variety of manuscripts, both non-fiction and fiction. Non-fiction areas include business, personal finance, how-to, self-help, inspirational, nutrition and healthcare. Fiction includes sci-fi, adventure, juvenile, childrens and poetry. John also does indexing.

“If you want detailed editing, then Editing by John is the way to go. He has a keen sense of humor and a kind of way of telling you the truth.”
Dr. Loren Due, author of
Don’t Say A Word About This!

Congratulations to Loren for winning a Book Award on his book!


Indexing is always a challenge. Not all books need or should be indexed. Does yours? Call John to determine if your book with be enhanced with an Index. It could make the difference between a good and a great book.

“What an amazing job you did on the Index! Your editing made the difference for my book!”
Susan E Mead, MH, author of
Take Back Your Body

Congratulations to Susan for winning two Book Awards on her book!


Working with The Book Shepherd’s Team  …

  1. Contact Judith by email (Judith@Briles.com) or call 303-885-2207 before sending her your manuscript.
  2. Be prepared to discuss your book, what time frame you have to work in and what you want an editor to do. This can be done on the phone, but if you live in Colorado, it’s wiser to have an in-person meeting.
  3. If Judith feels that her editing can be a fit for your work, she will ask you to send the manuscript or a few sample chapters. Depending upon the size of the manuscript or your chapters, she will ask that you send them electronically or by snail mail.
  4. She will review your information and get back to you with a proposal that includes an estimate on time, costs and any other issues she sees during her review.
  5. Depending on the length of the book and how much editing is required, expect to get updates and final edited copy within one month. If your book requires substantive editing and rewrites, additional time may be needed.
  6. John either will edit your book online (using “tracking” in Word) or mark up a hard copy that will be mailed back to you. The method will be agreed upon ahead of time.
  7. Expect to pay a deposit of one-half the estimated fees up front and the final payment upon receipt of the edited manuscript. Subsequent meetings or phone consultations are included in the original fee.
  8. For Indexing, John Maling needs the completed manuscript in a PDF format AFTER the interior designed has been completed. No exceptions for this and CAUTION: when Indexing has began, any corrections other than final read-through typos and punctuation should be avoided. Otherwise, page numbers can change making the Index obsolete.

Judith Briles
The Book Shepherd

John Maling
Editing and Indexing by John