Leadership Retreats

lrDr. Judith Briles has provided consultation, training, speaking and coaching services to health care professionals for over 20 years. She has delivered over 3,000 presentations on a variety of leadership and communication topics.

Judith is known for her dynamic, practical, provocative and fun presentations. She is not a nurse nor a medical doctor. But, she is a non-nurse, nursing advocate. And she likes doctors and Administrators!

Her degrees are in business—with both a Masters and Doctorate in Business Administration … bringing the practical, no-nonsense side of the balance sheet, coupled with her skills in behaviors of and in the workplace.

As the author of 26 books, she focuses on what the financial costs of mediocre and bad behaviors are and supplies practical remedies on how to deal with them. Judith quickly moves to the heart of the problem and provides cost-effective recommendations for change. As she says, “Do you want the 5 minute solution or the $50,000 one?”

Judith has published hundreds of articles, 26 books, including Stabotage! How to Deal with Pit Bulls, Skunks, Snakes, Scorpions & Slugs in the Health Care Workplace, Zapping Conflict in the Heath Care Workplace, The Confidence Factor and The Briles Report on Women in Health Care. Several CDs, CD/ROMs and DVDs have been created for staff development.

She is a Master’s graduate of Pepperdine University in Business Administration and Doctoral graduate in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Judith is featured in Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals in Nursing and Healthcare.

Retreats are always customized … typical themes include:

 untitled “Stabotage! How to Deal with Pit Bulls, Skunks, Snakes, Scorpions &  Slugs in the Health Care Workplace”
 untitled2 “Creating Confidence Out of Chaos” 
 untitled3 “Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace”