Now That You’ve Hired Judith…

mpNeed an Article for your Newsletter or Magazine?
Judith will be glad to supply your group with an article. Use it for general information or to promote your upcoming event. Contact her for topics and timing.

She takes her responsibility to you very seriously…

We would like to insure that the return on your investment of time and money in us is greater than what speakers normally provide. You can help us do this by reading the following:

  1. Please have a cordless, HAND-HELD microphone, NO LAVALIERES. If a cordless mike is not available, please provide a cord long enough to allow Judith to walk into the audience for workshops and at least long enough to give her the flexibility to move around on stage for keynotes.
  2. Please have an LCD projector and screen ready for the presentation. Judith will be using a PowerPoint presentation. She will bring her own laptop plus a back up on a flash drive. It’s not uncommon for her to tweak a presentation within hours of the final program.
  3. The presentation she uses will NEVER match the handout she has sent for duplication—it will be modified. There are multiple copy write issues that she honors.
  4. Take a moment to read Judith’s introduction before the actual introduction. When you read it to the audience, please keep it close to the way it was originally written.
  5. Have a cup of hot water on a small table that she can also setup her computer on. No lectern is necessary. She prefers to stay off of a riser, although with large groups, it may be necessary.
  6. Try to have the group in a “fun” mood before introducing your speaker. Sad announcements, moments of silence for a recently-departed friend are appropriate, but not just before introducing the speaker…
  7. For Workshops, please have a flip chart and markers.
  8. Judith enjoys and tries to meet as many members of her audience as possible. She will attend your social events if invited or requested, but please don’t make arrangements that require her to be out late at night. She will be in the meeting room at least one hour before her presentation.
  9. Please keep in mind that an extended cocktail hour for the audience prior to hearing a speaker is a bad idea. Please save the social beverage events for after the speaker’s appearance.
  10. If there are awards or extended announcements, either consider having your speaker first, or give the audience a stretch break for a couple of minutes before introducing Judith, or any speaker.
  11. Please have only as many chairs as you expect people, with extra chairs stacked up at the back of the room; otherwise, the front rows will be empty.
  12. If any doors to the room close loudly, please place door stops appropriately so that the door will not become a distraction.
  13. Please set up any coffee breaks at the back or outside the meeting room. This will be less distracting for the participants. (Judith will finish within two minutes of any time frame you give her.) At banquets, please serve dessert and coffee, but ask servers to leave clearing and clean-up until after the presentation.
  14. If the room is rectangular please have Judith or any other speaker in the middle of the long side.


We hope these tips will help you. The Briles Group wants to present a first class program, and following these tips will help ensure that you get the absolute best!