Special Cyber Memorial Week Sale for Judith’s new ebook: When God Says NO

It’s official … Beginning Cyber Memorial Week
Join Me for the launch of my latest book: When God Says NO!

Come and celebrate the arrival of my 37th book … a book that has been re-written and requested over the years. Finally, I did it and it is so much more than I ever imagined I would create and deliver: 

When God Says NO 
Revealing the YES When Adversity and Loss Are Present

by Judith Briles

Have you ever felt alone when bad stuff happens? I have.
Have you ever been broke and broken? I have.
Have you ever felt that nothing could go right? I have.

You are not alone … For me, too many times it was a “sink or swim” scenario. But first, I had to learn how to tread water!

If you have experienced hurt, betrayal, fear, failure, critical illness, tragedy, or loss of a loved one and asked or thought: WHY? or lamented: If only… or… Why did this happen to me … to us? … When God Says NO is written for you.  Judith reveals in her not-so-perfect life that she has a wonderful and rich one, despite the setbacks and disappointments.

This is a book that is read and reread … and book that you want to have a “spare”—to pass on to a friend.

Take 40 seconds and get a sneak preview of the audiobook HERE.

People Are Talking …

“When God Says NO is definitely not a book for the faint-hearted, but it is for the broken hearted. Dr. Briles guides the reader through the maze of such “why” questions and offers us clear hope by showing us how to move beyond the why’s, and eventually find God’s yes’s behind the no’s. Nothing theoretical here. No pious platitudes. It’s straight out of her own long trek through, and beyond, the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

You will discover a framework for rethinking the question of your suffering, and for detecting God’s presence and purpose (and goodness) in the midst of it.

-John I. Snyder, PhD. Pastor | Author Your 100 Day Prayer Challenge

In her deeply moving autobiography, Judith Briles details a life filled with challenges.  Her resilience was based on the profound faith that she had a unique purpose and mission in life and in God’s plan. It is a spiritual outlook present in all the great religious traditions.  In an unredeemed, chaotic, low consciousness world filled with heartbreak, pain and suffering her story is a beacon of light and hope in the darkness. Judith Briles gets it. She totally GETS it. 
                                                  -Rabbi Joseph P. Schultz, Ph.D. | Author In Search of Higher Wisdom

Judith Briles is easily the most brilliant, talented, warm-hearted, generous, funny, hard-working, “snappy, sassy, salty” women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. That she encompasses all of these virtues given her history of horrendous losses, adversity, recovery, and success is a testament to resilience. That she is willing to share so much of her life and how she found peace, strength, and understanding even When God Says No is a testament to her love and concern for others. But this book is about more than her personal journey. Filled with her insights as to how she was able to not only survive, but thrive, she shows and tells us how we, too, can overcome even the worst losses by finding a deeper understanding of our faith. I could not put this book down and you are highly likely to find that you can’t put it down either until you’ve finished it.

-Pat Morgan, The Concrete Killing Fields

 When God Says NO is an incredibly powerful book. I started to read it, I was so floored, so impressed, so MOVED, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve always thought Judith Briles was an amazing woman, but I didn’t know half this stuff. Wow! I love the influences of different religions and personal experiences. I love the sheer optimism. That old proverb, “God doesn’t give you more than you can carry” … she must think Judith is Wonder Woman.

                                                                                      -Rebecca Finkel, graphic designer



Grab Your Copy:  http://bit.ly/WhenGodSaysNO