It’s Summertime … sharing one of my fav garden casseroles by Judith Briles

JB’s Summer Squash Casserole


My little garden is happily doing its thing. Squash, snow peas, watermelon, peppers. Tonight I have several neighbors over for a casual fish BBQ on the upper deck. Along with it will be a white wine, salad and a favorite summer squash casserole. Since it always gets raves, it’s easy peasy to do, as in prep of around 5 minutes, I thought I would do a shift from all the publishing how to, and share with you.

This is one of those that I never measure anything—just lots of what you like—zucchini (or yellow or crooked neck squash) and tomatoes are the primary ingredients. Perfect for any summer dinner side dish—always gets a “pass the dish for more” requests.

Zucchini or Summer Squash – sliced or big chops ( you can mix them as well).
Cheddar cheese – shredded be generous.
Onion – yellow or white, diced I use a whole one.
Tomato – diced you can use whole of if you plenty or reach for the can of diced.  I often use 2 cans.
Olives – black, drain a can, cut in half.

OK … now, I mix it all up with my hands. Add more cheese on top.


Bake at 350 until done —Great reheated the next day.


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