The 6 Options for Author & Publishing Learning … Which Delivers More?

Over the next three months, I will be at seven live events. Meeting hundreds, actually thousands of authors, but meeting new experts. Their expertise expands my learning and my connections. It benefits me professionally; it benefits me mentally; and it benefits my publishing clients. That’s a win-win-win.

There are six key options for author learning:

  • attend live publishing and book marketing related events;
  • attend online publishing and book marketing events;
  • become a DIYer and learn by the school of hard knocks with your instinct as the magnet in the direction you go;
  • troll everything that the Internet world offers;
  • buy every book you can get your hands on in the topics that you need help with; or
  • hire someone or a company that does everything for you and hopefully, you absorb something along the way.

I’ve done all of the above and there’s merit in each. I’m a visual learner. I read lots. But my #1 way to get information is showing up at live events. A different world from the interruptions that my office can generate from sun up (and sometimes before its up) too many times long past sundown. Yes, it would be easier if I didn’t travel and I stayed home. Certainly, I avoid the hassle of airports. The different hotel rooms. And definitely some of the mediocre food I’ve had a too close encounter with. So, why do it? It’s the connecting power. I put that in the priceless category.

In other words, I’m a huge proponent of just showing up.

Do you love the ability and ease to “click” quickly and get info for marketing, publishing or “whatever” you are seeking? Most of us do. But what about the other way … the “brick” approach? Brick meaning “in person.” That’s me.

I get it… the “click” method is fast. Register, be there when it begins. Or, wait for the replay to be sent to you. Easy peasy. Bricking takes a commitment. That “show up” thing that means hours, maybe days away. Maybe added costs—travel, hotels, food.

You may be thinking—the “click” way is the only way to fly. But think again. Yes, it certainly takes more time, energy, and sometimes money. For me, if my schedule has the opening, or I can clear it, I will choose the “brick” method every time. Why?

Participating in person has major perks to it.

  1. You get the sit-down time and face-to-face. You have the opportunity to engage one-on-one with the top influencers, experts, and speakers in the industry—getting direct answers to your questions that related to you and your book. That connection you make could become the tipping point for your author and publishing success. Plus … you never know. That person who sits down with you may be the missing link you are looking for. Who doesn’t want that?
  1. It’s all about connecting with others—and open a huge possibility of learning from their experiences—those others are like you. It’s a two-way win-win. Heck, many more ways than you can on both hands and feet. That means relationship building. Getting help and input fast.
  2. It’s usually brain overload … and good for you! You come away with new ideas, concepts and strategies that are often the tipping point toward a new vision; strategies for moving your book into a direction you hadn’t thought about; and re-energized. There has never been an event where I haven’t come away with a “home run” that I start the implementation of something new … and often—a “hold on … you were working on a version of this some time ago—here’s a whole new approach”—I love it and at the event I was at earlier this month create two of those home runs which have already domino factor for my clients. Yup, I love it.
  3. It’s a get-away for you and away from your office and others. Yes, we all need that. This could be a huge benefit that you just don’t realize until it happens. When I get on a plane to head away from my Colorado base—quite time settles in. No emails hounding me for a few hours; no phone calls; and a refocusing comes into play. Concentrating on just you and your book with everyday distractors out of the way.
  4. In person—those “brick” events are exhilarating and fun. And, sometimes exhausting. But with that exhausting, comes a rejuvenation and vision for success.

The reality is: when you enter this thing called publishing, it’s a never-ending story. As long as you want to sell books, think perpetuity. Staying ahead in publishing means you make a commitment to continual learning.

There is always new ideas and strategies for book marketing; for how to be this and how to be that. Most likely, you are bombarded with pitches online for “stuff” to get to enhance yours. And you buy it, never looking at it. I confess: I’ve done it.

Online has become the infomercial world of marketing—marketing anything—and authors and writers are a key target. I know … count me in the mix. I’ve sat in on more webinars; read more articles, and I have clicked away. And I confess, I’ve bought “stuff” that I’m clueless where it went; what computer file it’s hiding in; or if it’s really relevant today. Many of my publishing pals are online marketers. When I share that I’ve done this—they often laugh … and then share this raw fact: the great majority of stuff bought via online is not used or implemented. If you are a clicker and buy something, use it. If you don’t, you’ll lose it. I know I’ve done it. How about you?

In person, events have a different twist. A plus is I’m away from the office a few days; which is sometimes negative. I like the personal interaction and face-to-face time. And sometimes, the intensity can be an overwhelm—so much information at once. 

Click or Brick … Which is for You? The best “Brick” event for authors unfolds this month in Colorado, August 23-26. I’m there and so are the key influencers who I trust … and learn from.

Meet me at the Extravaganza:




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