The Book Shepherd Is Grateful this Thanksgiving …

Today is one of my favorite days—nothing on the agenda—oh there’s football, family and food. For me, I also dive into Macy’s Parade for the kid is me and the National Day Show—I don’t own a dog now, but I love those sassy pooches as they parade around. Then it’s Mexican Train Dominoes with the kids, puzzles and the big turkey dinner that everyone cooks together.

I’m grateful for the freedom we all have and often too assume; I’m grateful for wonderful friends; I’m grateful for the relationship I have with my kids; I’m grateful that I can work with hubby John all day and actually like to sit down over dinner with him in the evening; I’m grateful for the silly TV shows I allow myself to indulge in once in awhile; I’m grateful to the many clients and authors that I’ve had the pleasure to touch since my first book was published in 1981; and I’m grateful for all of you.

I’m grateful for the many accolades that my Book Shepherd clients have received over the past year for their beautiful books. This month alone, a dozen of them pulled down major book awards and recognition–how cool is that!

I’m grateful for the many on my team that help create the books that I vision out with my clients that the team “got” … the results created a book that my authors didn’t regret–and how cool is that as well?!

Instead of sending out the Twitter Tweets on this Thanksgiving week, you are encouraged to listen to just one thing—last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing radio show that featured member Dianne Maroney and her project. At the time of the broadcast, she had four days to go and was 90 percent funded. Not only did Dianne reach her goal, she over-funded it, which is grand news. She is truly thankful to the many that supported her forthcoming book, The Imagine Project. I’m grateful for being part of the project and supporting her vision–this book will be sensational.

Listen to the steps she went through; how she did it; how she marketed it; and what she will do with the $23,000 plus dollars raised.  Here’s the link:


For our members who are out of the country, I have a special feature with Joel Friedlander on Blogging on this afternoon’s radio show that I’ve pre-taped.  You can listen at any time at:


Wishing you a wonderful day with your family and friends.