The Next, Next Thing in Publishing

The 7th Wave of Publishing isn’t so much about catching the current wave in publishing; it’s more about creating one of your own. The Next, Next Thing in Publishing.

Take a moment and observe what is happening in the publishing world at the moment. It is wrought with change, much like the changes many of our financial and political systems have and are undergoing. Will Book Expo survive? Will paper disappear? Just how extensively will eBooks be? Is it more important to publish with a major publisher … or does it matter?

The book snobs—those that think NY is the only place to publish—are gasping for air and looking for an IV. Advances for books have been reduced to starvation proportions … that is, if a book can be sold to a publisher. Yet the growth in independent publishing has exploded.

How you find your way as an author can be in part trends in publishing and in part how you see them. The 7th Wave represents a worldview which matches your worldview, your talent and abilities, your network, your book to position you for the next wave of change in publishing. The 7th Wave doesn’t flow into the past it flows into the future, positioning authors to become flexible, resilient and finding an evergreen market for their books.

It’s the Next, Next Thing in Publishing … a good thing indeed!