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Stop Stabbing Yourself in the Back

Self-Sabotage impacts everyone at some time. It doesn’t matter if you are the most successful and confident person today. There are times–hours, days, weeks, months, even years–when forces come together and create havoc in your life. By recognizing your own traps and self-sabotaging techniques and behaviors, you can create the right antidote to counteract and Zap self-sabotaging traits and behaviors. Self-sabotage includes berating yourself when things go wrong, blaming others, making excuses, not negotiating for your own best interest, fear of confronting others, putting things off, being too-too loyal, avoiding tasks due to fear of failing, getting even, having a bloated ego and having a lousy attitude. Whatever your inner snares are, Dr. Judith Briles has identified 21 ways that you may undermine yourself . . .and supplied viable solutions to each. Each chapter is self-contained. If confronting is a problem, read the specific chapter; if not knowing how to negotiate, read its chapter; and if lack of confidence is the straw that breaks your back, there’s a chapter just for you. 21 solutions to 21 self-sabotaging behaviors.

ISBN: 1-885331-21-5
Cover: Paperback with flaps
# of Pages: 287
Price: $25.00


Money Smarts for Turbulent Times

Master Your Personal Finances in 30 Days!

  • – Are the Money Gremlins at Your Door? 
  • – Do you feel that you could be underwater financially?
  • – Are your investments the pits or in the dump?
  • – Does your money run out before the month does?
  • – Would you like to get clarity on money strategies that make common sense?

In this terrific book, the author of Money Smarts, 10 Smart Money Moves for Women, The Dollars and Sense of Divorce and Smart Money Moves for Kids offers a workable plan that will change your money life. Whether you are a family of one or many, the ideas and recommended actions promise a whole new way of dealing with money, or the lack of it. No one could have come through 2008-2009 without feeling some form of financial squeeze. For some, it was an unbelievable financial disaster that caught so many off guard. Money Smarts for Turbulent Times delivers a practical guidebook that will equip you with an action plan to build a stronger financial future. It’s not a theory book full of ideas that only the wealthy can attain. It’s a common-sense, 30-day approach to spending wisely, identifying and eliminating waste, reducing debt, building a safety net and resolving credit problems. Money Smarts for Turbulent Times shows you how to stretch your income and make wise money decisions. You’ll find everything you need laid out for you in a clear, well-organized strategy that includes: Assessing Your Situation, Getting Your Family Talking, Wills & Insurance, Avoiding Scams, Credit, Retirement, Expenses, Money Myths, Developing a Flexible Plan, Managing Kids and Money, Setting Up Your Safety Net, Making Savvy Investments and much more. Is today the day you declare … Enough … being Money Smart is my new motto? Would you rather have money security or money insecurity? The choice is yours . . . the answer is in your hands . . . one day at a time. If you want a “get rich quick” book, don’t buy this one. If you want a book that is practical, one that is written in a user-friendly format and one that can prevent you from sinking, then this book is for you!

ISBN: 1885331312
# of Pages: 276
Cover: Paperback with flaps
Price: $25.00
The Confidence Factor

Cosmic Gooses Lay Golden Eggs Living and working delivers a series of unexpected events–some good, some not so good. Dr. Judith Briles calls them cosmic gooses. Most of them are life changing, and if you had your druthers, you wouldn’t want to experience them again. Based on a nationwide survey of 1300 plus men and women, you will be taken on a journey of the good, the bad and the ugly and learn how to grow and thrive when a cosmic goose lands on your doorstep. You will hear the experiences and voices of hundreds of men and women who have encountered both workplace and personal events that have taken them on the roller coaster ride of their lifetime–their cosmic goose. Not only did they survive, they thrived. Judith Briles encourages you to be the person you want to be–not the one someone else thought you should be. In her friendly and personal writing style, she delivers the 10 Steps to Building Confidence. Steps that will provide the core ingredients for improving who and what you are. You’ll discover that a cosmic goose can lay the golden egg for your career. . .and your life. It’s The Confidence Factor!

ISBN: 1-88533-109-6
Cover: Paperback with flaps
# of Pages: 200
Price: $25.00
Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms

Are you an author? Would you like to be one? Do you know what an author platform is? Every author needs one — it’s the very foundation of your book. In this amazing guidebook that is illustrated and four-color throughout, you will work through 22 Activities that will reveal your true Platforms; how to create a Book Plan along with how to identify which publishing venue is right for you; how to create the time and space to create your masterpiece; how to find moneys to “pay” for your publishing efforts; how to avoid the publishing predators; how to identify ways to market your book, how to identify the components to create a successful book launch; how to make time … and so much more. Highly recommended to also get the CD set, Creating and Developing the Author and Book Platforms at $40. Publishing could take your career to the next, next level — more credibility, enhanced reputation, recognized expertise. If you are writing fiction — you need the steps that will lead to your success.

ISBN: 978-1-885331-41-0
Pages: 232
Price: $45.00
Creating and Developing Your Author and Book Platforms

Are you an author? Would you like to be one? Do you know what an author platform is? Every author needs one — it’s the very foundation of your book. In this 4 CD series, you will learn how to identify which publishing venue is right for you; how to create the time and space to create your masterpiece; identify ways to market your book … and so much more. Ideal to accompany the book, Author YOU: Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms. Presented by Judith Briles.

CDs: 4 total
Price: $40.00
Have You Ever Held a Mountain?

Mountains have been symbolic since the beginning of time. Our imagination has always given life to their presence. We name them, even feature them in our history and our lives. John Maling has created a poem about and around the life of a mountain that touches the very life that bursts from its core to the inhabitants and majestic surroundings. Each line resonates with the spectacular photography taken by Grant Collier and John Maling. 32 inspiring and thoughtful lines enable the reader to climb with the author and photographers from the opening of the poem … Have you ever held a mountain Cupped it gently in your hand Felt the texture of its ridges Sifted slow its granite sand Brushed its trees and touched its meadows Heard its glaciers grinding down Felt wet and rocky muscle Under flesh of green and brown? … to the closing. And then, the reader will immediately start from the beginning, savoring the words and photos once again.

Cover: Hardcover
ISBN: 1885331320
Pages: 76
Price: $23.00
Show Me About Book Publishing

80% of the population believe they have a book in them. What’s smart publishing got to do with you and your future book? For the professional, writing a book adds to your credibility, reputation and expertise.  What’s smart publishing got to do with your book? One word – EVERYTHING!Publishing is morphing on a daily basis . . . if you are a new author, you’ve got publishing questions. Plenty of them. If you are already a published author, you should have publishing questions. Plenty of them. Show Me About Book Publishing has the answers.The traditional ways and whys of publishing are broken. Fewer deals, lesser advances, more work, reduced royalties and not a lot of fun.  Show Me About Book Publishing is all about the new, new way that savvy authors create their book, control its destiny and are financially successful.

Sought after publishing consultants, veteran authors and independent publishers Judith Briles, Rick Frishman and John Kremer show you how to:

  • * Publish Smart
  • * Create the Right Team for Your Book
  • * Craft a Platform and a Following
  • * Follow a Timeline that Keeps You on Target
  • * Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • * Pre-Sell Your Book
  • * Sell Foreign Rights
  • * Understand the Dollars and Sense of Publishing
Cover: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60037-855-3
Price: $20.00
The Tango of Authoring and Publishing

Some authors practice the art of one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, three to get ready, three to get ready … and they never go. They keep reaching for one more thing; one more piece of information; another interview; another who knows what. Their book never gets published. Their quest for the perfect book has become the enemy of creating a good book, even a great book.

As you listen to The Tango of Authoring and Publishing, you will:

  • * Discover your Author within
  • * Learn what Steps you must take
  • * Embrace your Rhythm and your Song

Do you know what steps you need to take? The Tango of Authoring and Publishing uses the unique metaphor of the dance and ties it to the rhythm of creating, writing, authoring and publishing. Woven with the grace and the flow of your words, you will be taken through the critical steps that every author needs to take.

Mile High Press

ISBN: 978-1-885331-36-6
CDs: 3 total
Price: $30.00