Top Ten Twitter Tweets of November 06, 2021

Good Authoring Day to YOU

… And, Happy Saturday  

Looking forward to the How to Work with Bookstores program this am. Will you be there? Hope so … coffee will be ready and hot! Jon Marcantoni, Tattered Cover’s new Colorado author advocate will be “in the library” to walk us through how to submit and work with them. It will be IN-PERSON at the Smokey Hill Library. All info on the Events tab.

How can it be that time of the year again … it’s the “fall back” weekend for many of us in the switch back and forth of Day Light Time and Standard Time. Clocks back an hour on Sunday. For me, I wish the back and forth would stop in a nanosecond.

And it’s Early Bird time for my Unplugged event slated for Nov 19-20. Will you be there? Early Brid ends on MONDAY, for the online combo Book Marketing and Social Media Unplugged. Join me for two full afternoons of author success. Unplugged is highly interactive. Workbook will be sent out before the start … Think book marketing … book launch … soaring on social media … growing your email list … and much more.

And, of course, it’s #Caturday. And this Saturday is about book marketing …  and books sales. It’s the season. What are your plans? What are you doing?

That’s my past week … how about you … what are you up to?

Friday mornings are the place to be with other authors! I love the Friday coaching that happens early each Friday AM. I always have a “new tip” for the group that I lead with—a “show and tell how to do ‘it’ … whatever ‘it’ is, then it opens up to “catch up” and “asks”. Become a subscriber so you can get Friday Coaching for only $27 a month for VIP AuthorYOU members, $37 for non-members—limited number of subscribers allowed. We gather viz Zoom at 7 AM. Get on board –it’s fun and informative … and you get all questions answered. We do it via Zoom. This is for any author anywhere! Register 

THIS WEEK on Author YOU Your Guide to Book Publishing, the theme is always author, writing, and publishing success. Thursday’s show added insights on. Take advantage of it—just an hour of your time:

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Here are your Top Ten Tweets for the past week 

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are The Book Shepherd’s® Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may have missed …

Author, Publishing and Resource Success

It’s final … the @TheBookies4315 bookstore in Colorado will remain “the Bookies” and now owned by the visionary Nicole Sullivan, founder of the @BookBarDenver. Creative from the get-go … I look forward to celebrating + supporting all. #Colorado #authors #books

[this is soooo true] Many think that the only way to get their book into #bookstores is through the traditional publishing path—this is hardly the case. Bookstores are more than happy to support local authors! Here’s how→

#writingcommunity #authors #book

Since 2013, I have been regularly updating this informational chart about the key book publishing paths. The Key Book Publishing Paths: 2021-2022 | @JaneFriedman #WritingCommunity #SelfPublishing

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

Speaker alert: Holograms are coming to @WeBeX via @Cisco. This could be a gamechanger for online presentations and the speaking platform. Woot! #authors #speaking #presentations #JudithBriles

Hey authors: have you got EMO: Extreme Marketing Overwhelm? Get encouraged, ideas, solutions at JudithBriles Book Marketing-Social Media Unplugged online in NOV. Info: #selfpub #bookmarketing #indiepublishing #authors #books #amwriting #virtual

You can’t read a book you don’t see! Since the ‘90s, display ads have been the most popular way to get the word out online. That’s because they cast a wide net—across the Net—even on a limited budget.

Writing Tips

Get your #hauntedhouse tips here: “@JanKnuth2 offers interviews with other haunt purveyors and gives how-to advice on custom sound and visual effects, as well as other elements that are most likely to trigger customers’ strongest primal anxieties.”

 Another favorite #horror #AuthorInterview in the spirit of Halloween. @garnetonwinter: “…keep dreaming, keep writing and keep submitting.”

[wow … cli-fi … another avenue for fiction] The literary landscape is as changing as our physical landscape. Author Marjorie B. Kellogg defines what climate fiction is and offers some examples that suggests the cli-fi novel has been around for decades.

Cool Things, FUN Things & OMG Moments

[love this story–I learned how to read with comic books at 4] In Seattle, Outsider Comics is an Inclusive Home Base for a New Generation of Comic Book Readers | @seattletimes #authors #readinI love this idea where a company–Zillow–turns commercial into new children’s book to help kids cope with moving via @adage It’s a common problem for so many families! #children #moving #movingtips #JudithBriles #family

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