When Authors Have NEWS … Be a Quacker … Not a Peeper!

When Authors Have NEWS … Be a Quacker … Not a Peeper!

As the new year unfolds, authors should be planning for shout out time. News about them; about any awards won the previous year; about a new book in the works; about events that feature them; about _____?

What are you going to do with any recent kudos that have come your way? Or about new happenings in your literary life? Several of the authors I worked with the last quarter of the year had sold out events at local book stores for their titles. How about announcing it in a press release with photos? Or setting up a new event, inviting those to the location and new event … as in planning ahead? How about writing it up in a blog or creating an article for the “weeklies” within the region that you live in?

And, if you are a winner of any book award, here’s what you need to do … get their Quacker in gear.

Tell the world … book buyers … your friends … your family … let retail outlets know that you’ve got national recognition … let the local media know … quack, quack, quack. Here’s a Baker’s Dozen of ideas for you:

1. Write a media/press release—include a book cover on it as well as a website where reporters and producers can get more info. Make sure you have an email, day and cell phones on it. Send it to every contact you can things of. Include:

  • Any associations you are a member of.
  • The local media … if there is anything in the news going on that connects in any way with your title or expertise—pick up the phone and make an immediate pitch.
  • The national media—print, TV, radio.
  • Key Internet resources, such as the HuffPost and Slate—especially if you can tie it into anything that is remotely related to your topic.
  • Know your local resources. Even com is an outlet.
  • Groups that are connected with your topic.
  • Send press releases to free posting sites, such as com, PRLog.com, and FreePR.com.

2. Social media is your pal—get it up on your Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and anything else you are connected with. Not be shy—ask your friends to tell their friends … and either link the notices to your website so that they can see the book is available for sale or the Amazon link.

3. Add it to every email that goes out. If your email Signature doesn’t have your book cover in it, add it and make sure you say include award-winning in description. And that you are an award-winning author.

4. Write a Blog on it … make sure you now include that you are an award-winning author.

5. Create a celebratory photo op. If you have anything framed or attended a ceremony, include that as a photo. Otherwise, you and your book are a lovely photo op duo. Even a selfie will do!

6. Post the news on your Amazon book page. And if your friends haven’t given you a review, this is a great time to pick up the phone and share your news … and ask them if they would—then, follow up with an email that includes the link to your book’s Amazon page. Make it easy for them!

7.  Post the news on your Author Central page on Amazon. And make sure you add a photo of you with your award.

8. Consider do a special award celebration and drop the price of your book on Amazon to its “deal” range for a day or two. Make sure your say that it’s a celebration of its national award. And let EVERYONE in your social media connections know. Even if they already have the book—for a couple of bucks, they may just pick up another or the eBook that they don’t already have to support you.

9. Send your media release to a PR service for national distribution—this is part of your marketing dollars. There’s a variety of media/press release sites—check out Google for a list.c

10. Immediately add to your website … it should shout the news. If you haven’t created a media tab on it yet, this is the time. If you have already received book reviews, this is a good spot to add them so others can read them as well. Don’t forget to post book reviews on your Amazon page as well if the book reviewer hasn’t.

11. Use it as a “Pitch tool” for anything you do. If you are a speaker, or a desire to be, meeting planners like “award-winning”—use it … as when you talk with them, “I’m thrilled that my book was recently honored with the Gold Medal in _______ with the _______ book awards.”

12. Add “Award-Winning Author” to your book cover for next printing and for future books. Either or your name or under … but it’s not part of your “credentials”.

13.  Keep on marketing … you as the expert … and your book.                

Quack, Quack, Quack

If you don’t, you will turn into a little peep … and those get eaten!



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