15 Ways to Work with Judith



Book Creation, Marketing and Publishing Expert Consulting Services from The Book Shepherd

Do you want to create a great book? Do you want to sell more books? Do you need help creating your book marketing strategy? Do you want the SEO Gods to discover your and your book? Would you like to do all this without losing your sanity?

My consulting fee is $475 per hour. You can ask for consulting for 15 minutes, half hour, or an hour or more. Just email me at Judith@Briles.com to schedule an appointment now or click on the Home Page and check my calendar for availability and immediately book it.

1. Participate in the Author Circles held once a month in Colorado … Your Commitment: FREE plus 
Your Time, bring a snack to share and some new socks–I give to the homeless and kids.Details and Dates ares on Meetup.com/AuthorYOU  (join it so you know when meetings are coming up.


2. You Pay by the Hour … In Person, Phone or Skype Your Commitment: $475 per hour

A minimum of one half hour commitment is required at a rate of $240. An hourly rate of $475 is available. You call or show up; provide your credit card # (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover accepted) and ask away. If you have just a few questions or a bigger problem and you need my advice, consider a phone consultation, or let’s get on Skype. I can prepare you for a media interview, a speech, critique your writing and pitches, brainstorm  ideas, or work with you before or during a book launch, create a strategy to market your speaking services.  

You can purchase 15-minute increments after the first 30 minutes. Email me at Judith@Briles.com  explain the problem and include relevant links for background before I return the call. Also, run a few times and dates by me when you’re available. As soon as I’m informed that you have made payment, you will be called to set up a convenient time.


Author Friendly Fridays Subscription

3. Two Hour Laser Session … In Person, Phone or Skype Your Commitment: $700

Get organized … this session can be a structure of your book; your marketing plan; your book game plan; your speech; or just Author YOU. This consultation is a flat discounted rate from Judith’s hourly rate and covers up to TWO hours on the phone, Skype or in person. Judith will do a brief written follow up with recommendations … it’s up to you to implement it, if you choose. We make ongoing follow-ups with the various individuals and professionals you are referred to and are available to you for quick phone calls or by email—Shepherding you and your book. Judith receives NO COMPENSATION from the professionals you are referred to. Please understand, she stays in contact with them and follows your progress in a “casual” basis when she knows you are working with someone she has referred you to. If there is any indication that The Book Shepherd’s input is needed by other service providers, a request for a conference call will be made.

4. Intensive Book Shepherding for a 4 to 6-month Minimum Your Commitment: $1,800 per month

You have up to EIGHT hours each month of time at an agreed reduced monthly rate (saves you $2,000 each month based on regular hourly billings). If more hours are needed, they can be “borrowed” from another month. Your credit card will be billed the first week of each month. During the layout and cover design processes, she is actively involved with the creation of the “look” of your book. If she has to get involved in the actually writing of your book or content editing, there will be additional fees. This is the best deal and the one that is most likely to keep you going and not taking the wrong publishing path or getting distracted from the one that Judith directed you to. It’s easy to get side-tracked when well-meaning friends and colleagues tell you that there is a better way to print, edit, layout, publicize, etc., your book. The problem is that too many times you end up getting referred to nice folks who may be good at what they do but clueless about book publishing. You will be automatically be subscribed to the Author Friendly Friday coaching and is included complimentary. 

6. Developmental / Content Editing  Your Commitment: Cost to be determined … If your book needs massive rewrites and development, it is not straight editing. Judith becomes an invisible co-writer with you … fixing and re-writing your book–of course, keeping you in the loop as she moves through it, chapter-by-chapter. You will get “raw” chapters back with tracking showing all changes and comments as to why or questions back for you PLUS, you will get a “clean” chapter that accepts the changes–for you to make new additions, delete what was changed, or to say “I’m good with all.” It’s intense and takes time. In the end, you will not have a book you regret. Developmental / Content Editing is kin to ghost writing. What will not be done is to sort through boxes of “stuff” or files looking for things to write a book from scratch.  This is an intense process where Judith will GamePlan your book based on the draft you supply and “fix it.”

7. Create a Speech or Workshop Based on Your Book Your Commitment: Cost to be determined

The Book Shepherd will assist you in structuring your Speech or Workshop; identify your key areas to emphasize; choreograph your signature stories; show you how to make the Speaker One-Sheet that connects with meeting planners; demonstrate what techniques to use to sell onsite as well as ways to pre-sell books to a group; determine what markets you should reach out to and market your presentations and rehearse you. It’s work; she expects you to commit and get it done. You need to meet personally with her at her offices in Colorado. You will have pre-work and homework and a dress rehearsal. It’s highly recommended that you attend her Judith Briles Speaking Unplugged Bootcamp held in November and March each year.

8. On the Phone or Skype – Create a Retainer Account Your Commitment: $1,300   The Book Shepherd

Call and set up your account, using a credit card or check. You get FOUR hours within six months. A running tab of time is kept—if your hours aren’t used, you forfeit them. Your credit card will be charged when you re-authorize it.

9. 2-Hour In Person – You Come to the Office in Colorado Your Commitment: $700

Call and set up an appointment—Two hours are blocked. Pay with your credit card or check at the end of consultation. If you enter into a Book Shepherding contract, your payment will be credited toward the overall fee. You save $250.

10. In Person – The Book Shepherd Comes to Your Office or Home Your Commitment: A minimum of $900

Call and set up an appointment–Judith will block a minimum of two-hours. Pay with your credit card or check. First consultation is paid in advance. If in Colorado, you will be charged the current IRS mileage rates plus an extra hour(s) of her time at the hourly rate to arrive at your destination. If out of state, air and expenses plus TWO additional daily rates are added for travel.

11. On the Phone or Skype – 10 One-Half Hour Laser Coaching Sessions Your Commitment: $3,000

Call and set up your account, using a credit card or check. You get 10 one-half hour sessions within 12 months. A running tab of time is kept—if your hours aren’t used, you forfeit them. You pay upfront—why? When you pay, you commit yourself. So does Judith to you and your book. You save $1,750.

12. Full Day of Intense Laser Coaching Your Commitment: $3,500 It’s a long and intense day in Judith’s offices … oh, there are a few breaks and she feeds you lunch … but this is a deep dive into you and your book. Strategies, GamePlans, Marketing, which Social Media Platforms, Visioning your Book, Speaking and so much more. You save $775.

13. Judith Briles Book Publishing Unplugged Bookcamp event Your Commitment: $597  Ideally, you want to plan on attending Judith’s annual three day event that is just her during the summer months … not a pitch at anything … just practical, topical guidance for you and your book. Held in Denver, Colorado, it will transform you and your book’s life. You will meet plenty of new friends … and re-connect with old ones. It’s two solid days of practical guidance around the latest in publishing, how it ties into your work and how you can take advantage to expand your personal brand and success.  In 2018, the dates are June 23-25. Details are on the Events tab on the website.

14. Judith Briles Speaking Unplugged Bookcamp Your Commitment: $547  Would you like to turn the book you have or are creating into a money machine that cements your expertise and authoring success? Would you like to know how powerful you, your book and experiences are and how they can influence and change others one word at a time? Would you like to turn your book, your ideas, your mouth into a business that creates a lifestyle woven with travel, fun, global friends and financial success? Would you be willing to trade just TWO days to get all the how-to and strategies from someone who spent over 35 years on the speaking platform … someone who generated in excess of $5,000,000 in combined speaking fees and book sales that will generated directly from speaking gigs? You can …  In 2017, it will be November 10-11th  and is $547 per person, including meals and workbook–if you wait past the Early Bird cutoff, it increases to $997 per person.   In 2018, dates are March 10-11 and November 9-10. Details are on the Events tab on the website.

15. Judith Briles Private MasterMind Groups- the Author’s Ark … Your Commitment: $497 … only 12 participants may be in any one group Throughout the year, Judith will post a combination of Webinars, Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching all in one package. These will be found under the Events tab on the website. 1 – Two Webinars per month will be designed just for you to watch/listen to at your convenience, including (but definitely not limited to): 1. How to Create a Book Celebration 2. How to Create Your Book or Personal Pitch 3. How to Create the Platform for Your Book 4. How to Design a Speech around Your Expertise or Your Book 5. How to Create a Crowdfunding Campaign 6. How to Create a Podcast Show 7. How to Turn Your Book into a Business 8. How to Set Up Your Amazon Accounts 9. How to ID which Social Media Platforms will Work for You and Your Book 10. How to Put Sanity into Social Media Positioning 11. How to Create a Group on LinkedIn, Grow and Moderate It 12. How to Create a Community on Google+, Grow and Moderate It 13. How to Master Media and Get Yourself on TV, Radio and Visible 14. How to Create a Fast and Cheap Book Trailer 15. How to Create Infographics to Harvest and Position Your Expertise and Book 16. How to Create an Author or Speaker One-Sheet 17. How to Position or Re-position Your Brand 18. How to Use Twitter to Market You and Your Book 19. How to Create an Amazon Best Seller Campaign 20. How to Create  a GamePlan for Your Book from the Beginning (and what to do if you hadn’t) 2 – Cheat Sheets  will be created for each of the Webinars featured in the month for your exclusive use. Value: $300 for the monthly Webinars and Cheat Sheets 3 – Group Open Mic Call … this is slated in the beginning of each month and will be recorded for those who can’t make the live call-Judith will always moderate this. Value: $300 4 – One-on-One Laser Coaching with Judithyou will have a time that is set up to have a phone, Skype or in Judith’s office in Colorado of one hour each month.  Value: $400 Details are under the Events tab on the website.       JB-01  

Questions? Please call our offices for answers or to make an appointment at 303-885-2207.