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Creating the Speaking Tab for an Author’s Website

When I work with my Book Shepherd clients, websites are always part of our process. Speaking is the #1 to sell books … truckloads of them. When looking at an author’s existing website, or planning one from scratch, I ask: What is missing—what should

Woot … It’s a FREE author’s treat with no tricks!

Would you like practical publishing advice? Do you feel overwhelmed in the publishing maze? Would quick answers for your questions be welcomed?? Yup … publishing can be a spooky path to set your foot on … and it doesn’t have to be. this Halloween,

Grab my eBook When God Says NO 99 cents TODAY by Judith Briles

If you have experienced hurt, betrayal, fear, failure, critical illness, tragedy, or loss of a loved one and asked or thought: “Why?” or lamented, “If only …” or “Why did this happen to me … to us?”, then travel with me through my own

Use a Different Type of Book Launch Teaser by Judith Briles

Author Tip: Plan Your Book Launch with an Audiobook Teaser If you have been listening to my podcast, or I speak, you’ve heard me say: audiobook sales will bypass eBook sales by 2023. That’s not far off. Are you adding an audiobook to your